Wonderful Beautiful

by Spidering

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released December 1, 2016

Tyler: Guitar, vocals, synths, mandolin, bass
William: Drums, guitar, vocals, drum programming, noise



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Track Name: Oh I Amn't, Amn't I?
First things first,
You know how it goes,
Most things are a little slow.
I don't know what I think that they will do,
I don't even know who I think that they are.

There's no place for
There's no one who
I didn't place
Anyone or anything at all

I just need to keep on
Saying to myself that
I don't have to
Justify everything that I do
I'd like to take apart

I'd love I will love I'd love I'd really love to love to have a part
To take a part
To be torn apart

To be taken a little seriously, now guys
Track Name: Falling
The morning birds came
Telling me to hide away
Under the blanket I lay
Skies giving way to grey
In this moment I stay
Frail, I'm afraid to decay
But whoever is to say

What may or may not
I may or may not
Have thought of such rot
Falling to my thoughts

But not much more
Track Name: You Will Become the Flowers Blossoming Above Your Grave
You will be the sun and the moon and me
You will see and I'll see
You will know this is all that there is to know
There you'll see singularity

You will be the flowers
They will dance above your
Dead and ghostly
Spirit body whole
You will photosynthesize
You will feel everything
Track Name: Spiders
(I am okay, they can't get me)

I am so scared
Because there's spiders in the closet
Because there's spiders in your clothes
Because there's spiders in my bones

And when you wear your clothes
Do you feel them in the fibers?
Do you feel them in your threads?
Do you feel them in your head?